August 2nd & 16th Workshop 2017 – Camelle Denny

August 2nd & 16th Workshop 2017 – Camelle Denny

This months workshop is Camelle Denny – Oils –  Week 1 ‘The eye of the wave’; Week 2 ‘The Breaker’

What to bring;

  • Medium: Liquin
  • Boxed Canvas 12”x 16”
  • Palette (I use tear off sheets)
  • Palette Knife
  • Brushes: ¾ or ½”  Flat soft
  • Number 10 filbert medium/soft Fan 6” and 12” soft    1 or 2: liner
  • Paints: Student quality is fine: Alizarin Crimson; Titanium White; Ultramarine Blue; Raw Sienna; Burnt Umber; Sap Green

Extra: Baby wipes, strong kitchen roll paper and or T-shirt type cloth for wiping out brushes.

No 6 Fan is a bonus for light colours only.
Baby oil in a jar with a lid:  NO TURPS ALLOWED. We will be constantly wiping out our brushes, final cleaning at home.


Visit Camelle’s FB Page to see more of her work

July Workshop 5th & 19th – Sue Jokinen

July Workshop 5th & 19th – Sue Jokinen

July workshop is with Sue Jokinen – Abstract Inks on Yupo Paper

Workshop 1: The beauty of acrylic inks on Yupo paper. Introducing glues for texture.
Workshop 2: Introducing pastels, salts and powdered pigments.

What to bring:

  • A water spray bottle, a box of tissues / paper towels/apron
  • a few paintbrushes (quality not an issue)
  • Your acrylic inks and Yupo paper OR
  • Sue will provide both for $ 10 or paper only for $5. (To be paid directly to tutor)

Visit Sue on Facebook at:

JUNE Workshop – Cheryl Bruce 7th & 21st

JUNE Workshop – Cheryl Bruce 7th & 21st

Watercolour – Atmospheric Skies; Beach Scenes & Rocky Headlands

Cheryl Bruce 7th & 21st

With a focus on atmospheric skies, Cheryl will demonstrate two different techniques for handling rocks and rocky headlands. Please note these techniques will not work well on cheap paper.

What to Bring:

·         Your normal watercolour supplies and colour palette.

·         Colours: Cheryl works with Ultramarine, Cobalt and Cerulean Blues plus Turquoise; Naples Yellow, Cad Yellow, Yellow Ochre/Raw Sienna, Rose Madder Genuine, Brown Madder, Cad Red, Light Red & Neutral Tint, Indigo and Windsor Violet.

·         Good quality paper – preference is for Arches Rough 300gsm.


Please visit Cheryl on her website> and on Facebook>


WORKSHOP – 3 & 17, MAY 2017 –  Sue Saunders	 –   SILK PAINTING

WORKSHOP – 3 & 17, MAY 2017 – Sue Saunders – SILK PAINTING

Sue who teaches at Kulnura and Ettalong, has been painting on silk for over twenty years, will teach us techniques in creating a delightful piece of art from a piece of white silk.  What a lovely gift your original, wearable piece of art would make!


Due to the specific nature of this workshop, Sue will supply each member with 2 silk scarves and the dyes used for the two workshops for $16.00.  Therefore, could you please indicate to Marlene or Fran your intention to attend to avoid under/over supply by Sue.

   What to Bring:     

  • disposable gloves, an apron,
  • paper towel or an old face cloth
  • watercolour brushes or Chinese painting brushes (whatever you have)
Workshop: April 5th & 19th, 2017 – Francisco Pacheco

Workshop: April 5th & 19th, 2017 – Francisco Pacheco

During these workshops, Francisco is happy for you to work on your own project/subject, or follow his workshop subjects. Whilst his preference is for Atelier Interactive Acrylic colours, he is open to you bringing Matisse or whatever brand you own. Don’t forget to wear old clothes or bring an apron as once acrylics dry, they are permanent. Visit Francisco’s website at:


What to bring:

  • 2 Primed canvas; thick primed paper for acrylics, or canvas boards. Surface and size is your choice.
  • Brushes: oil, watercolour or Synthetic bristle Acrylic brushes – a pair of no. 1, 2, 8, 10 and 12 at least; flats and rounds
  • 1 house painting brush (medium/large) for large areas and to apply binder medium
  • Colours: Primary: yellow, blue, red; secondary: green, violet, orange; black, white and Sienna plus whatever you own.
  • A cavity-type palette or stay-wet palette (acrylics dry fast)
  • Pencils/Charcoal (optional)
  • A spatula or painting knife
  • A fine mist water spray, plus 2 plastic or glass jars/cups for water
  • Cloth to clean brushes and paper towels
  • An Easel (table or standing) if preferred to painting flat.
  • Optional: Binder Medium Atelier (surface preparation), Polymer Gloss Medium & Varnish Holcroft (increase flow and gloss), Slow Medium Atelier (slow the drying process). If you have these in your kit great; for those new to acrylics CCAS will provide a limited supply for you to ‘try before you buy’ as these are around $16 – $18.00 each.
WORKSHOP – 1 & 15TH March, Marijke Greenway

WORKSHOP – 1 & 15TH March, Marijke Greenway

Still Life – Acrylics / Watercolour

Seeing you all enjoyed painting a still life last year, we will repeat the process this year. I will bring the flowers and set up a few still life arrangements with fruit, flowers & bottles. I will work step by step so that it is easy to follow. Please bring two canvasses or two pieces of paper on boards; artist quality Acrylic or Watercolors. Don’t bring cheap $2.00 paints.

The colors I use most often are as follows
Titanium White Red Gold Arylamide Yellow Brown Madder Alizarin
Paynes Grey Green Black Pacific Blue Yellow Ochre
The above are all Atelier colours. However, Matisse is fine as well, Red Gold is Australian Sienna with them.

Watercolours Your usual colours and materials. I will bring stay-wet palettes for everyone to use.
Then all the usual: water bucket, paper towels, brushes, palette of reasonable size. Aprons. Acrylic brushes should have spring in them, flat synthetics are best, also a rigger brush for drawing.
In both mediums, I draw up the composition in diluted paint, not charcoal or pencil. I work upright in both mediums, so if you have an easel, table or standing, then bring it along. I will bring a few paintings in both mediums of similar subject matter.’
Check out Marijke’s fabulous work at