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Details for the ART DIRECT weekend planned for 13th/14thOctober.

We will be hiring the Davistown Progress Hall, possibly able to set up after 10.15am on Saturday 13th October, deliver between 10.15am and 11.00am.

The fee to CASS is $120, hall hire is $100, divided between everyone entering.
We will also have advertising brochures to organise and refreshments for visitors.
These expenses will have to be shared. It will depend on how many artists I receive
notification from on how many paintings everyone can enter. As the last day
to register is 31st August, I would like your response by 10th August 2018. Opening Hours: Saturday 10.15am – 3.00pm, Sunday 10.00am – 3.00pm.
Please contact Judith Hoste under 0407 448 574.

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