This months workshop is Camelle Denny – Oils –  Week 1 ‘The eye of the wave’; Week 2 ‘The Breaker’

What to bring;

  • Medium: Liquin
  • Boxed Canvas 12”x 16”
  • Palette (I use tear off sheets)
  • Palette Knife
  • Brushes: ¾ or ½”  Flat soft
  • Number 10 filbert medium/soft Fan 6” and 12” soft    1 or 2: liner
  • Paints: Student quality is fine: Alizarin Crimson; Titanium White; Ultramarine Blue; Raw Sienna; Burnt Umber; Sap Green

Extra: Baby wipes, strong kitchen roll paper and or T-shirt type cloth for wiping out brushes.

No 6 Fan is a bonus for light colours only.
Baby oil in a jar with a lid:  NO TURPS ALLOWED. We will be constantly wiping out our brushes, final cleaning at home.


Visit Camelle’s FB Page to see more of her work

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