Hi friends….our workshop next Wednesday at Gosford Regional Gallery will be about using texture, form and colour to create an artwork. The aim will be to loosen up, splash out and just create without worrying about failure, making a mess, or not being anatomically correct! Last week we had lots of fun with acrylic pouring techniques, and next week we’ll be adding an extra dimension to our artwork by including any kind of texture, using anything you’d like to bring to use in your piece.

Here’s a list of basics to bring:

A couple of canvasses or gesso’ed wood panels to paint on; some brushes; acrylic paints, or inks; a palette and water jar.  Tissues; LOTS OF GLUE; ; some plaster bandage; moulding paste, scissors, plastic wrap, a sponge, spray bottle.  PLEASE WEAR DAGGY OLD PAINTING CLOTHES J

List of suggestions for collage:

Magazines, newspaper, handmade paper, tissue paper, serviettes, foil,  text, found objects, leaves, seedpods, twigs or ferns, sand, pebbles, eggshells, stencils, stamps, gold or silver leaf +sizing glue, gesso, white or black…..or anything else you like to include in a collage.

* The above painting….”Bunny’s Garden” was a commission, using plaster filler, eggshells and embedded grasses and seeds.

 Looking forward to getting creatively messy with you,

Chris Raj

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