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2018 – Workshop 5th & 19th of September with Cheryl Bruce Watercolour


Cheryl Bruce

She is a well- known local Watercolourist and will be painting Still Life (Flowers and other elements) this month.

Cheryl will provide the subject matter for Workshop 1 and members can bring along  flowers from their own garden, Favourite
objects eg teapots or other items for Workshop
2 (Cheryl will still provide a mix of items as well).
Please bring along the materials in the list,

Materials List

Boards and masking tape – you will need a sealed board
a little bigger than your paper.
Watercolour Paper – allow 1 sheet per workshop – ¼
sheet or A3, or 1/2 sheet if you like to paint larger. Good
quality paper please for these techniques to work
well – Arches or Saunders Waterford are preferable,
and a rough texture is better for landscape/seascape
than smooth or hot pressed. I only buy Arches
300gms Rough. It is most economical to buy the
paper in full sheets and cut into 1/2 or ¼ sheets.
Paints – *Ultramarine Blue, *Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue,
*Rose Madder Genuine (or Permanent Rose if you don’t
have RMG), *Naples Yellow, *Windsor or lemon yellow
or Aureolin, Cad Yellow, *Brown Madder, *Cadmium
Red, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna or *Yellow Ochre, Burnt
Umber, Indigo or Neutral Tint, *Australian Turquoise or
Cob Turquoise Lt. Art Spectrum White Gouache – please
note: White Gouache is not the same as Chinese White.
This is my general palette, don’t feel that you have to
go out and purchase all of these colours, but please
ensure you have a warm and cool blue, a primary
yellow, a pink and a red, and some darks & earth
colours. If you are starting out selecting colours, I
have put an * next to the ones you will use the most.
All colours bar white gouache I use Windsor &
Brushes – Script liner brush script liners are long, and not
too fine – I like quite a thickish script -#6.
Sables or squirrel brushes are best for watercolour – at
least up to number 10 or 12
Plus a larger mop brush.

If new to watercolour please ask for assistance in the art store. Please don’t buy white hog hair bristle brushes as they are for oil (aside from the large flat one picture – good for wetting down paper)
Paper towel (very important that is absorbent brand),
Pencils – B or 2B, & kneadable eraser,
Divided water-well or two water containers Water spritzer, and hair dryer (not essential that everyone brings one)
Old painting towel & a couple of washers or rags.
Easel with a 45 degree or lower setting if you like to use
one, or we throw a couple of books under the board.
Plastic palette – the type of palette is very important for successful watercolours. You will need one with deep-ish wells (on left of picture) for mixing large washes, or 3-4 small dishes like the back of the picture and a palette to store and mix your paints. Flat plastic or ceramic plates are not very successful. Tiny, outdoor painting palettes also will not give enough mixing space.


About Workshops in general:
Start at 9.30-12.30pm 1st & 3rd Wednesday each month
in Studio 2, Gosford Arts Centre.
Cost: $25.00 per week
includes guest tutor and morning tea.
Visitors are welcome.

Please head on over to visit Cheryl’s Website at:

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