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2018 – Workshop August 1st and 15th “Wasted” with Judith Price


Workshop August 1st and 15th “Wasted” with Judith Price

Participants will create a figurative sculpture made from waste products.
Students are asked to bring an empty plastic bottle from their household waste, preferably smallish eg shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid bottles will work best.
Bottles must be thoroughly clean and dry prior to the commencement of class.
All other materials for the first workshop will be supplied by Judith.

Participants can choose to bring their own art materials for the second workshop, eg paint, based on discussion at the end of the first session.
A range of decorative possibilities will be available at the second workshop and will include references to Tribal Art and other Visual Art styles as inspiration.

About Workshops in general:
Start at 9.30-12.30pm 1st & 3rd Wednesday. each month in Studio 2, Gosford Arts Centre. Cost: $25.00 per week includes guest tutor and morning tea.
Visitors are welcome.

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