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2018 Workshops – November 7th and 21st


Workshop November 7th and 21st 

Cyanotype and Botanical Drawing

Unfortunately, the Scratchboard workshop has been postponed till next year.

Cyanotype is an alternative photography technique which use the sun for exposure. You can use real objects (like feathers, leaves, glass ornaments, or anything that casts a shadow) or full-size negatives to create a print. The prints can be quite unique depending on the strength of the sun, where it was exposed, and how long it was exposed for.

The cyanotype emulsion can be applied to paper or fabric.
They can be toned with different teas and other tannin-rich products after exposure.

This month each workshop will be cut into two parts with the first part focusing on cyanotype and while we wait for the prints to expose, we will learn some botanical drawing techniques.

Material List
Items will be provided on the day so bring what you have.
Cyanotype sheets will be available for purchase on the
day – $1 for paper (1st week and first sheet free) or $3 for
fabric (2nd week)
• Objects – feathers, lace, flowers, leaves, shells, transparent
items, stencils
• Full Size Negatives
• A board to carry your exposures on
• Plastic Container (big enough to wash a small print in)
• Gloves
• Drawing Equipment – Paper, Graphite Pencils, Sharpener,
• Reference Material – Flowers specimens, Photos,
Reference books or magazines

About Workshops in general:
Start at 9.30-12.30pm 1st & 3rd Wednesday. each month in Studio 2, Gosford Arts Centre. Cost: $25.00 per week includes guest tutor and morning tea.
Visitors are welcome.

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